Club fees and payment


There is an annual Individual Membership fee of £16 per person or a Family Membership of £11 per person, payable on April 1st and this fee is non refundable.

The Club charge a Training Fee of £18 per month per dog, this equates to just £4.50 for your hour class each week. The £18 is applied only to those who choose to pay by electronic bank transfer. This means that in a five week month you still pay the flat rate of £18. If you choose to pay with cash or cheque, the fee is set at £4.50 per week, which means in a five week month you will pay £22.50. We prefer not to handle cash and hope this is a small incentive to pay via transfer. We never ask you to set up a direct debit.

Beginners 8 week courses cost £50 per dog.

All training fees must be paid in advance at the beginning of each month and the fees are paid whether you attend or not, it is expected that club members show a level of commitment to training. You may appreciate that we are a small club and every penny we raise from training fees goes towards barn hire and investment in new equipment.

There are exceptions to paying if you can't attend due to long term sickness of you or your dog, and you wish to return to training afterwards. If there are any contagious outbreaks, such as kennel cough, we prohibit training and close until all danger of contagion has passed. In this case you will pay less the following month to cover the missed week or weeks of training.

It is not practical for a small club such as ours to individually send out refunds for missed weeks of training, which is why we ask for a reasonable level of commitment.

If you decide to leave the club, all we ask is that you let us know so we can remove you from the mailing list.